Well, it’s nice to see things are easing off. Thursday, we got to have more than 2 people in the lifts on our floor but the signs are still on the other floors. They’ll get around to moving them.

It’s been an interesting experience this part of the year – the trains have been quiet and people are keeping their distance. There are now more jobs available to do from home, which is interesting in itself.

And I’m finally at the end of my 4 days at work a week. Hopefully this time it will turn permanent to 3 days a week. Doc has said for the foreseeable future. That, to my words, is indefinite….

Anyway, that’s a small part of a big picture called life. We have up days and we have down days. It’s being able to manage both with the same ease where we excel. My thoughts go out to everyone who is struggling with something today. I hope you resolve it positively and that your life improves after it.

So here’s the funny part. Simon listens to 1080 6IX and at 6.50am they have “Shona Nova” on to give us the horoscopes for the day. We only listen to it for her vocal patterns. We had a friend in the car yesterday that had never heard Shona and she was in hysterics at the end of it. She’s on the digital version of their radio, so if you feel like streaming it, I do recommend it. I have never known her horoscopes to come true, but they are really very funny – just to listen to her vocal patterns.

Shona, if you’re reading this, don’t stop, you are great to listen to and bring a bright moment to our drive to work!

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