Warmer Weather

Wow, this is a strange winter, so far. Contrary to what they predicted, we’re a week into June and it’s been fine. Apparently supposed to rain either today or tomorrow but who knows.

The days have been beautiful and slowly warming. What? Warming? 26 degrees C in June? What is happening? Actually, pondering on it, I think it’s been a trend of the last few years.

I remember when I had my first winter in Perth. May days were beautiful and sunny but the mornings were like 2 and 3 degrees. I lived in Balcatta in those days and wow, was it cold! June was much like May but added some rain to it.

Now, coming from Melbourne, I was used to May, June and July being full of sleet and wind and rain. Perth didn’t get any really heavy rain until July and then it bucketed down. I was working for Land Tax in those days, in the old Vic Centre building and I used to watch daily as it used to rain horizontal rain down St Georges Terrace.

Ah, those were the days – I used to walk from Perth Central station, down through the arcades all the way to St Georges Terrace and then along St Georges Terrace to the Vic Centre. Because in those days, there wasn’t a Cat that would take me that close at that time.

Then when I moved to the Valuer General’s Office I still got off at Perth and experimented with the Red Cat up to the office, but still most days ended up walking because the Red Cat was stand up only. I had that enough in Melbourne on buses between the city and Sunshine. So I used to walk from Perth station, through the mall to Hay St, then along Hay St to Cloisters Square, then cross St Georges Terrace and up there to Spring St and into the office.

Those days are long gone. I used to walk almost from the corner of Wellington Rd and Morley Drive to the Morley bus station between Morley Markets and what is now the Galleria. I even walked sometimes home from Landgate to Stratton. I can’t do that any more. But each day is still a learning curve and that’s what I keep doing. Learning.

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