Road Trip

So I’m a little late this week but it was a good move. Because yesterday, after those annoying annual blood tests, we decided to get out of the city for the first time in 12 weeks. So, the weather wasn’t the greatest, but it was a great yet tiring day!

We had thought to have breakfast in the Swan Valley but couldn’t decide on which cafe to use so by this time we’d decided to visit Toodyay (and our friends) so Gidgegannup Bakery was chosen. Up we go to Gidgegannup, past Red Hill and other points to call in at the Bakery only to find they were busy and a group of cyclists had rocked up just before we did. Now, this is not against the cyclists, it was just a matter of timing as we’ve become provincial and don’t really like to visit crowded places and there were quite a few cyclists – and if they’re anything like me, after a ride like that I would have wanted to sit down for a few minutes at least to regain strength and rest the legs.

So on we headed to Toodyay. Which put our plans a little out of whack. After all, I’d been going to call our friends from Gidgegannup. Now I had to call them from Toodyay. Well and good.

We got to Toodyay about 9.45am and took the first quiet cafe we got to – the Coca-cola Museum. Fascinating place if you haven’t been there before, great food if you have. Still remember that day in 2017 when they agreed to open just for Swan River Rovers for our Christmas in July evening meal. Again, great food.

Our friends were pleasantly surprised – especially when I told them we’d be there after brekkie and they replied with ‘oh, 1pm, then’ and I said ‘no, we’re at the coke museum. See you when we’ve finished!’ What a crack up.

We ended up going to IGA, ’cause the Toodyay Bakery didn’t have big pies or cakes, and picked up lunch to take with us. Of course, Pat didn’t answer the phone so we couldn’t say we were bringing lunch. But it was well-received and we had a great time with her and her husband. And, we even commandeered another type of succulent to add to our front garden. Another pink one! Hope it’s a different shade.

From Toodyay, we headed towards Bindoon, ’cause we have this thing about new roads and the latest extension of one of our highways had finally been finished and ended close to Bindoon. What a magical, quick trip home. It was such an easy drive, it’ll make visiting our friend in Clarkson a lot easier – when we get the time, that is!

All in all, we had a great day and the cats looked at us when we got home as though we were strangers. After all, they knew it was Saturday which meant it was their day with us. Think again, kitties!

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