A New Tradition

So, I’m calling this a new tradition because we’ve only participated in Halloween for about 5 years. And every year it gets better. This year, despite covid19, was even better.

Having said that, I know there are a lot of people who think that Halloween is an American tradition. I also know there are more and more people who understand that it is a celtic tradition and is intended to keep bad spirits away. But I do like the way the Americans have embraced it. Our little street has a great many kids in it and each year they thoroughly enjoy it. After such a challenging year, Halloween has allowed kids and families in Western Australia to go out and enjoy socialising with people they don’t often meet.

Our street, of course, is a precious street. So many of us know each other (yes, our house is the Easter Bunny house) and we all pitch in and help each other and those of us who do up our houses enjoy watching all the kids in the street come around with great grins on their faces and their eyes light up at the scares and the decorations and, not the least, the sweets that we put out. This year, a great many kids got toys in their sweets. Stu wanted to give them something they could keep besides just a bag of lollies – that’s right, most of our lollies were covid19 safe!

To top it all off, our ex-neighbours came and joined our celebrations and helped us to entertain the gaggles of families that came past – I say families because most of our visitors were families. And they arrived in cars! Apparently our street is the best in the neighbourhood and people are actually learning this and passing the word around! I was sooooo amazed when I heard this and so pleased that we can entertain strangers in such an easy manner.

Now, I wonder if we can get best street for christmas lights? We can only try!

Happy Halloween, Blessed Samain and Blessed Beltane to all!

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