Yes, it’s National Novel Writing Month! The month where I am supposed to be writing new work. Well, as we know, I’m a bit of a rule-breaker, so I sort of am. Granted, most of Consequences 4 is new work, but I’m also rewriting Dark Reign so between those I should have a great opportunity to get the numbers up!

It’s that time of the year when a large group of writers world-wide put their work to the test and get working on what they love – writing.

We’re not mad, we’re not insane, we’re just doing what we love – writing. So if you see someone sitting at a cafe or in a library in the month of November and they’re working on a keyboard, chances are, they’re participating in National Novel Writing Month. There is no monetary reward for this competition – just the knowledge that we have written a novella! A whole novella from start to finish! And it’s achievable. I win most of the NaNoWriMos, but some I don’t.

And that’s it for today – back to the grindstone of vampires and young royal activists!

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