Life after NaNoWriMo

So now comes life after Nano. I’ve had a week off and am now looking at what I have done for Dark Reign. I decided to write a couple of scenes as background to one of the characters in it and posted it in a small group. I got back, essentially, “want more.” So, does this mean Clans In Conflict will be 5 books instead of 4? I haven’t decided, yet. But one of my ideas was to write Dark Reign from this particular character’s point of view. I may still do that, but I am working on the book, have no fear.

Also, news on Dark Dimensions’ relaunch – the pre-order links are almost ready and so is the trailer! We’re on track for the launch in April 2021 and I know that I am excited for it to happen.

Also slightly worried because that means the pressure is on to complete Dark Reign (gosh, it’s been soooooooo long). I do hope, however, that Heart of Deception is published after Dark Reign but that will depend on the publisher. Exciting days are ahead!

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