So, I was working on a train crash in Dark Reign and wasn’t quite sure if it was written clearly. So, I shared it to this really large group (yeah, you guessed it, Nanoland) and straight away someone pointed out an issue I hadn’t thought of. The train would not have been travelling as fast as I had it travelling at the place it was. Oh, my! Back to the drawing board!

So if you’re writing something that involves velocity and things like trains, buses, automobiles or planes, it pays to check what speed they might be travelling at at a particular time. Like what happens when you pull a hand brake on in a car? Nothing. It absolutely stops, but you can’t flip it. Doesn’t work. Unless the driver wrenches the steering wheel to the side. Which mine did. Don’t ask me why or how and there’s no way anyone can ask him now, ’cause he died in the crash.

But just do that little bit extra research. I’d been sitting on this train crash thinking the only thing wrong with it might be the way the cars derailed. Didn’t even think about whether the train would be barrelling along or sauntering along. (Couldn’t resist those descriptors!)

On a second note, the teaser for the relaunch of Dark Dimensions is getting closer and I’m getting more excited every time there’s an update! Cannot wait to see the finished teaser and have the opportunity to share it with everyone!

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