That time of year

So it’s that time of year again. The ‘silly season’, ‘mid-summer/winter solstice’, ‘Christmas’ or just plain ‘holidays’. Doesn’t matter what it is, it has also become time to think about loved ones we’ve lost and those we don’t see very often. I normally ring my sister early but she beat me to it this year! That’s okay, I’ll get her back on New Year’s Day!

On to other things. I have, I believe, finished the editing on Consequences 2 – or Legacy of Risks – and am still struggling with Dark Reign. Distractions are chaotic at times like this. I’m hoping things will settle down soon and I’ll be able to focus on it again.

But, of course, this being Australia – and Western Australia at that – we have to talk about the heat! 46 degrees celcius apparently in our suburb on Thursday and Christmas and Boxing Days not much better. So far today seems to be a bit cooler and seems darker than normal, so maybe there are a few clouds around. Either way, it may be cooler than the last couple of days.

And how did your presents go? I got my art stuff I ‘asked’ for and a pair of Samsung ear buds – which were a complete surprise! – what do I do with the others? I know, I’ll use ’em all! Different ones for different reasons! 😀 I hope you all got what you wanted and what you wished for.

Me? I wished for everyone to be safe and well over Christmas and my heart went out to one man whose sister didn’t make it home for Christmas. May the rest of your year be better than Christmas Day was, my friend.

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