Bright Start to the New Year

So, 2020 is over! I pushed it out of our house at 11.55pm on 31 December 2020! Didn’t want to keep it around.

Therefore, 2021 will be better, brighter, smarter for us all!

So, I have some news that reflect that prediction! I have finished editing Consequences 3. I have finally found a name for Consequences 2 and I have signed the publishing contract for Heart of Deception. It is all moving forward this year and it’s about taking control and making sure you do what you have to do to get there and not allow anything to beat you. Keep at what you are planning, keep doing it and keep doing anything that will get you there! Do not succumb to negative actions that will thwart your results. (Thwart, great word, don’t you think?)

And, so no one forgets, Dark Dimensions is available at and for pre-order. Oh and there is a trailer/teaser for Dark Dimensions at

Enjoy this year – it will be better, I’m sure of it!

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