So, this week we’ve had a few changes. With last week’s lockdown, Stu’s trip to the mines has been put off until Sunday. Not sure what time yet. Also, he’s been offered a bus driving job on Christmas island. Now, this requires him to relocate to Christmas Island – it’s not a fifo job – but if I go with him, we’d have to rent a house and I’d have to pay my own way and nor will the cats be allowed with us. Oh, and the internet and mobile service is a bit dodgy.

So, at the moment we’ve decided that if the mines don’t work out for him and they accept him for the Christmas Island job, then he’ll move up there and I’ll visit him. It won’t be as often as he visited me in Bunbury, but I’ll more than likely stay a bit longer than he did on each visit.

To top it all off, our weather has cooled down – it’s almost trackydacks weather! Such a nice change and started with rain which was really welcomed! We even had to turn the booster on for the hot water!

On Dark Reign, I had feedback back from a very old friend (known them for years – they’re younger than me! type of old!) who has help with giving some direction for the book. I like the idea and it was one I was toying with, so it’s now just been reinforced.

And the Consequences series is getting a map! A whole map of my tiny country realm. No, I’m not posting the map here – you’ll just have to wait until Heart of Deception comes out!

And I think that’s all the changes I have to share – oh, I have been working with transcribing and it’s brilliant! Should have kept an eye on this type of work years ago! Didn’t even give it a thought!

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