Warm and cool at once

So, this week was a mix of very hot weather and mild weather. At least we weren’t like Texas last weekend! Such an unusual winter storm for them!

But I digress. For writing:

Dark Reign is plugging along – the issues I had before seem to be sorting themselves out with the new rewrite – which I’m happy about, even if I lost a really good scene. Them’s the breaks.

The country of Albermarle now has a map, courtesy of Cameron Yandell. He’s still working on it but every time I see it I’m amazed that my vision was clear enough for Cam to see it.

Spaces after full stops

Now, this is a subject for contention. I have gotten myself used to one space after a full stop and it took me a while. However, I have since found out that in Law in Australia, it is 2 spaces after a full stop. So, I apologise now if some sentences have 2 spaces preceding them or 1 space. Isn’t English interesting?

After the Consequences trilogy and Dark Reign is finished, I’m heading in one of 2 directions – I may go down the path of a prequel to Dark Dimensions called Dark Beginnings, or I may actually branch off into the Delta story – which follows an exploration company based in Perth transition into a salvage company.

So those are my plans and I intend to stick with them.

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