Fast moving time

Sorry this is late, this week has gone sooooooooo fast it’s not funny!

So, I’ve got a few things to mention today, first of all, release dates:

Dark Dimensions: 18 April 2021 – at both and

Heart of Deception: 8 August 2021 – also at and (not available to link, yet).

So, things are on the go!

For something entirely different, we have rejuvenated our writing group in Midland, Perth, Western Australia. Called Grow Write, anyone is welcome to join and we meet every second Thursday at 10.30am at Midland Library. Our next meeting is 13 March. Feel free to come along, if you can!

So, after the above news, I’m not sure there’s much else to say! Other than, enjoy your week and what you’re doing. I will have a better post next week, I’m sure!

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