Everything’s exciting

Of course everything’s exciting! Dark Dimensions is out in less than 30 days, Camp NaNoWriMo is just around the corner and I have finally hit 58 000 words in Dark Reign.

I am so excited to be finally on the downhill straight with this book. And it’s not the book’s fault. I just spent a lot of years writing it from the wrong point of view. Since choosing the correct point of view, it’s being going like a bull at a gate.

I don’t normally give lot of tips out, but here’s a big one.

If you’re naming a character, be careful with the name, no matter how big a character is going to be.

In Dark Dimensions, one of Troy’s antagonists (whom I’d only decided to have in for a couple of scenes but then went on further) is called Fernid. Troy, like me, doesn’t really care for that name, so he shorted it to “Fer”.

Now, the tip comes in here. Fer got his name because I had a point where I had to call him something, so I just came up with Fernid. As I said, he’s now gone further into the stories and may even have a more important role in the next book.

So before you just choose any name because it might only last a couple of scenes, double think it. I mean, Fernid does sound like the character, but now he’s decided to tell me that even Fernid was short for Fernidan. I suspect his father didn’t know his full name but I’m not sure how Fer knew his full name. Well, that’s maybe a whole other tip!

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