Easter and Goodies

For one of the few times, I am resenting writing this. Only because it’s stopping me from writing Dark Reign. Which is 12000-odd words from completion. Although I have a narky suspicion it may go over.

So, Easter is here. What are we doing? Watching Captain America, of course! And it looks like there’s some alcohol coming out. Now, I was going to do another transcription for work, but if Stu’s getting out the red – ohoh, it’s muskat – that’s not going to happen tonight! Might be early to sleep and get up early to get started!

But in the meantime, if I can, I’ll get some of Dark Reign done.

I must say, I need to apologise to Simon. I bought 3 chockie bunnies (only because we don’t have the money to buy Bilbies from Whistlers) and didn’t realise they were boys and girls. I bought 2 girls and a boy. Stu has snagged the boy which means Simon gets a girl. Is that saying something?

Not only that, for the street yearly Easter Egg hunt, we had to look high and low in Woolies and then Stu found I’d walked straight past them! How embarrassing!

Hehe Stu’s just come over to see what I’m writing and first words out of his mouth? “How’d you know it was muskat?” Well, hello, shape of bottle and bouquet of contents, baby!

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