Sorry it’s late

Yes, I know, it’s a few days late, but I had some news I wanted to make sure of first!

Dark Reign is with the editor. She’s working very hard on it.

Consequences 3 is also with the editor after some slight changes were made. Good changes, too.

My current work in progress is a warrior-wizard story. Now, I take my hat off to fantasy writers. It is a lot more difficult to write a fantasy than a sci fi, I’m finding. I know this is my fantasy, my realm, and, yes, it has magic in it so I can change things, but it’s not a steampunk, so I still have to be careful what I put in, like, he’s a knight, so I have to know the basics of knight’s armour. Because it is based on our history.

After I’ve done this one, I have 2 more for Clans in Conflict – one’s a prequel to Dark Dimensions, and the other is – nope, not saying. It’s a surprise.

Having said that, I’m open to suggestions for a 5th book relating the MC of the first half of Dark Reign. Only if there’s enough interest, though.

I also have the skeleton of a Consequences 4, so I may also be looking at that.

After announcing all that, I have also undertaken an exercise regime because I’m sick and tired of what I can and can’t do. I have already lost 7kg and am visiting the physio tomorrow for another and final check. It’s on track for what I want and I intend to get more active. Having said that, I now have a 3 wheeler bike (or trike) and it’s the funniest thing to ride. The steering is incredibly sensitive and I have a tendency to over-steer it (it has road tyres rather than mountain bike tyres) so I have to learn to cut back on the steering. Once I realised that, I did a lot better.

And I have a friend who has an idea for another story for which I already have a character that will fit in perfectly.

Wow, there’s a lot tonight!

I have been working with a writing group right here in Midland called Grow Write. Now, while we are centred on this suburb of Perth, even if you can’t make it, we now do prompts on our Facebook group and through our email group, so if you’d like to join us, just PM me on Facebook – or message me here and we’ll work it out!

I think that’s all I have to say. It’s time to get tea started and get back to spooky TV in time for next week’s writing prompt!

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