Frustrating Times

Okay, so I have to apologise, yet again, for not keeping up with this. I’ve had some things happen over the past few weeks that shook the boat a little.

One of the things that happened was that some rat in Tunisia (I don’t know them by the way) tried to steal my Microsoft ID. Thank you, Microsoft for stopping that. Hence I had to change my passwords on some things and one of those things was emails.

So the Microsoft ID password changed happily and although I got the email passwords changed, I had a heap of trouble after that. I use an email client so that I don’t have to log into the email websites all the time and it wouldn’t accept the changes. So I updated the client (it was totally out of date) but that didn’t help – stupids, I only realised later that I probably needed to wait for 24 hours to make that change.

So, anyway, I’m looking around for a new client – yeah, I know, most people use Outlook, but I get very little spam using the client I do, so I wanted to stay right away from outlook. In the midst of all this, my computer decided the keyboard wasn’t up to scratch so stopped accepting the qwerty side of things – apart from the enter button and the backspace. Weird, I know.

Luckily, a friend was over and he’d looked at this keyboard issue before (this was the 3rd time) and fixed it for me. This time he had a look at something else, found that was woefully out of date so updated that and the keyboard works.

Then I went back into the updated email client and added the email addresses and lo and behold they all work! So I’m super happy about that.

Some good things happened, though. The third book in the Consequences trilogy has passed the editor but still remains title free. So, I’m trying to think of a title for that. We do have a working title but to me it is too close to Legacy of Risks that is coming out in February (oooh, have seen a first trial of cover art but it’s not set in concrete so I’m not sharing it). I will get there, it’s just a matter of time.

Also, Dark Reign is with the editor and we’ve gone through it once and are now doing a second run with it and the Prologue and Ch 1 are clear and complete (I think).

For today? I’m going to prep some vegies for a frittata we’re having and then I’m going to go outside and take advantage of this beautiful weather we’re having and do some art.

Have a great weekend and as I said – I am sorry this was delayed so long.

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