Shocking week!

Wow! What a thing to wake up to! No Facebook. that’s a first! They nearly got copies of my diplomas, but they came back before their collection system worked. haha

It suddenly brought home to me how much we invest in social media these days – Facebook wasn’t working, nor Messenger, nor Whatsapp. Most of my friends are on one of these platforms. Just as well Discord was still up – but no-one was on Discord this morning!

The other shocking thing was to get a phonecall from a flatmate to say he’d “taken a stack” on the trail from Bells Rapids to Wyalunga National Park and hurt his hand. To give him moral support, he picked me up on his way to Urgent care.

Well, after 4 hours spent there, he comes home with a backslap cast and a sling (triangular bandage) having fractured a metacarpal bone! Man, he is not going to live that down easily. Not since I was half way through a scene!

And that means he’s got at least 2 weeks off work. Urgent care gave him a Med cert for a week and if the plastics people haven’t got him in by then, then our GP will have to give him more time. Me? I’d be ringing the plastics people later today to push the appointment through. But I’m impatient!

The other news is that Consequences 3 (possibly called Dangerous Heart) is out of editing and currently getting a final check.

Legacy of Risks (Consequences 2 is out on 22 Feb 2022.

Dark Reign is still being edited – up to chapter 2, now. πŸ™‚

And that’s about it – apart from I am learning to play Magic today for the first time. Darn, have to clear off the table – nah, we can go out to our new gazebo!

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