And things keep going

Yesterday, I sent Dangerous Heart (Consequences 3) to the publisher.

I’m a little excited!

For those who are reading Heart of Deception, I have been doing a little writing about Marek’s background before the book began. It was enjoyable writing, but it was all about what happens in a possible book 4 – if people want it.

The main thing is that I really need reviews, so, please, if you have bought Heart of Deception, can you please write up a small review for me?

(Oh my gosh, I sound like someone who owns a YouTube channel – you know? “hit the subscribe button and the notification button so we can blah, blah, blah!” Sorry about that!)

Seriously, though, I hope you’re enjoying my work. Dark Reign, sequel to Dark Dimensions, is still with the editor and I will let you all know when I send it to the publisher!

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