Cold Snap

I think the weather knew Stu was home – the last few days have been winterish. Down to 11 and 12 C at times during the day which is unheard of in October in Perth.

So, we’ve fixed the awning on the van and it’s in now getting a new hot water service and battery installed. We’re hoping it’s finished before we go up to Dongara in a couple of weeks’ time.

For those following me, I have 3 online interviews lined up when we get back from Dongara, 2 in November and 1 in December. I’m looking forward to them, although I’m still a little nervous about them.

Also, if you’re participating in NaNoWriMo, I will be on Discord, and trying my luck at screen sharing on Twitch if I can work out how to do that before Sunday which is my shift. It’s all part of the Writing around WA group and ties in with the Perth North and South Group, the Greater East Group and the Greater North Group.

I currently have no idea where my web cam is (yes, I know I need to find it before the interviews), so visual will just be screen sharing and voice will be through discord. I’ll try and keep up with the chats on Discord!

Just don’t expect me to be really organised with my writing – I’m happiest when I’m doing brand new stuff!

EDIT: Due to hardware components, can’t do Twitch but will be doing Discord. If you’d like to be a part of it, please message me and we’ll talk. I will be online at Discord on Sunday morning, Perth, Western Australia time.

I’m also participating in a number of blogs and online magazines, so those will be exciting!

On the home front, we’ve finally got the cats an outdoor home for when we’re outdoors but when we introduced them it got a bit traumatic so I’ll be working on that in the next 2 weeks, gradually taking them out with a chair inside it so I can sit in with them.

Okay, off to download Twitch!

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