Diverse week

So this last week has been really diverse. I’ve been doing a lot of wordz for work (I wonder if transcription for courts counts as part of Nanowrimo?), writing quite a lot because – well, National Novel Writing Month – going to a writer’s group, dealing with a toothache and a heap more.

Toothache, however, did me out of a game of DnD last night, so I’m not impressed. At the same time I was able to watch the last two episodes of Arrow, so that’s completed now.

Oh, also heard from the caravan mob but it’s still up in the air about whether we’re caravaning next weekend or camping. Simon has offered to loan us his tent.

Next weekend we’re actually heading out of town. We’re going to a small town called Dongara and we’re leaving Friday and coming back on Tuesday. I am sooooo looking forward to it.

Ah, panadol works well with headache from toothache. Did take 4 to settle it, though. Have booked dentist on Thursday morning before Stu gets back.

Halloween was a blast! We got some dry ice to put in my potions but for some reason, even though we refridgerated it, most of it disappeared! We did get enough for the potions for a video so at least we’ve got that. I’m going to look into a smoking machine for next year. We didn’t get much decorations put up, I think I’m going to have to buy next year’s decorations online so I can get them earlier.

At least now I can concentrate on setting up the pond area to look like a beach scene. Just have to push some of the green back to expose the sand there! And get some tiny surfboards, some drink umbrellas and a couple of cheap dolls on beach recliners. Already have a table for them!

I have written my fantasy magic battle between my warrior-wizard and my mage-king but I’ve asked for feedback on it to see whether it’s enough or whether I need more. Still waiting, but it’s been less than a day.

Dark Reign is still being edited but it looks like my writing has improved from Dark Dimensions, at least I hope so! Fingers crossed it won’t be far away! Then I have to decide on doing the kids’ story or Vlad’s story. Decisions, decisions!

I’m still in the air about Consequences 4 because I’m not sure if people want to read something that’s at least 20 years after Dangerous Heart. Maybe I’ll ask people after Dangerous Heart is released.

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