Good news, hard news

So, we finally got away in the van. Headed up north to a little place called Dongara. What a fabulous weekend we had – beautiful weather, the water was superb and we got to catch up with a friend in Geraldton. Unfortunately, we ran out of time to call in on a separate friend.

We were on track to head back to Dongara in time for Happy Hour when we decided to look for adblu for the car (diesel scrubber). Using Google and google maps, we ended up driving around for 2 hours before finally finding a place that sold bottles of it and spent quite a lot of money on it. We were that ticked off it wasn’t funny. Well, it did end up being funny.

On the way back I was taking various videos for friends in the US when a bird hit the side mirror. I caught sight of it and watched as it ricocheted back into the bush. Stu heard the bang and immediately said, “what did you do?” The shock on his face when I told him was worth a thousand pictures!

We got back in time to relax somewhat and then head out for fish and chips (minus the chips) on the beach. Then Stu entertained me by feeding the seagulls the 3 pieces of lemon that came with the fish. The looks on their faces were comical!

Sunday was a day of quiet and writing and watching videos. Didn’t do a great deal that day but did go out again and take videos and pics of Dongara. It really is a picturesque little town. Oh, and we did go to the Illegal Rum Distillery. So called for the law made by Governor Macquarie in 1808 that made rum illegal in Australia. Even to this day, you won’t find rum made in Australia – it’s always either a clear or brown spirit. Happy Hour with the caravan club was lots of fun and made friends with some of the new members.

Monday we headed for the visitors’ centre only to find out that all the places we wanted to see were closed on Mondays. So, we headed off and found the 7 Mile Beach. Another lovely spot.

This is a place we will definitely come back to and visit more friends while we’re there.

Unfortunately, we found out on Tuesday that one of our newest members had been involved in a fatal crash on the way home. Our thoughts are with their family and friends and we are deeply rocked by this news.

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