So, this post is a bit late. I always lose track of time in the third week due to Stu being down from the mines. But we have so much fun, it’s refreshing.

So, I have been working hard on The Dark Road. Dark Reign is with the editor again for a final check over. Mainly commas. One day I’ll figure them out!

There are now three books out. I’m waiting on a release date for Dangerous Heart, which is the third in the Consequences series. Depending on what you all want, there may be a fourth book.

I was discussing what path to take with one of the subplots in The Dark Road and had it suggested to go with it and ‘if it doesn’t close up in this book, then write another book’. Five books? Thank you!

I have not given up on any of my other works – they are all on hold while I have momentum with The Dark Road. I am also working with another friend on a book for them. This one is still going.

I am also trying to put my foot down and do some more art. Now that the weather is cooler I should be able to take the cats out to their cage and get them used to it. And I can finally go on long walks after work, too!

But that’s it for today! Happy Reading!

Clans in Conflict

Dark Dimensions

Amazon Australia



Heart of Deception

Amazon Australia


Legacy of Risks

Amazon Australia


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