Time Flies

Wow! Time flies when you don’t keep a close eye on it.

Things have been happening so quick it’s not been funny. I finished one project only to take on another -well, not yet, anyway.

There is a new edition of Dark Dimensions and the Consequences series coming out and Dark Reign is having its final go over, now. Hopefully that will be out soon.

Before we go any farther, though, if you want to see what’s coming out at Corvus Quill in the next month or so, visit the website:

Corvus Quill Press

I am still working on the book following Dark Reign. It’s called The Dark Road and it will be as intense as Dark Reign.

Dangerous Heart is with the publisher now, waiting for the new edition before it’s release so that they all look similar.

I am working on a book launch in my local area but that is a while off, yet, so stay tuned for that.

Otherwise, here are the links for what I have published so far:

Clans in Conflict

Dark Dimensions

Amazon Australia



Heart of Deception

Amazon Australia


Legacy of Risks

Amazon Australia


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