Unfortunate News

I am taking this opportunity to confirm for some of you or announce to those are not aware of it that Corvus Quill Press has shut its doors.

I have been fighting to get Dark Dimensions, Heart of Deception and Legacy of Risks released since early November to no avail. After Christmas/New Year I will be contacting ArtsLaw in Sydney to see where I go with it.

This is why I haven’t done anything with Dark Dimensions over the last few weeks. I currently do not have a release letter and the publisher is ghosting me. Until I get that release letter, I cannot get the books taken down from Amazon.
I am toying with the idea of publishing Dark Reign because the main point of view is from a character who has never even heard of vampires, is only vaguely aware of dimensional theory and is a parallel version of Troy, so he is thrown into the deep end with vampires and dimensional travel. Also, I am hoping by doing this that it generates interest in the rewritten Dark Dimensions.

I would love to know everyone’s thoughts on that because if it works, I will be back in business.
Thanks for reading this long winded note!

About the Consequences series, that will have to be on hold until I can get the 2 books released. At the moment, that is not looking hopeful.

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