So, I’ve finally got a Customer Service person at Amazon to look into getting the books taken down, but until that happens, they’re still available to buy.

I’ve heard back from a couple of beta readers regarding Dark Dimensions, so I’ve put what I’ve got so far through into the book. Of course, with it being Christmas/New Year, I’m holding off badgering people.

I have yet to tweak the Consequences series, so they will get an upgrade before they go back out.

And, of course, they’ll all have new coverart before they’re re-released.

I have been toying with a few other bits of writing while waiting for things to happen, but I’m not sure if I’ll publish those bits – even if they do equate to roughly 60k! Have to check with the people who’ve read the first drafts of them.

I also have to confirm the ending of my paranormal novel which has been keeping me going when my fingers got itchy while waiting for things to happen.

I am considering putting Dark Reign out first depending on how long it takes to get the books released from Amazon.

Keep watching this space!

ave been toying with a few other bits of writing

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