Darn Cold

Yes, I got a cold. It was last week. Still not 100% but much, much better.

Thank the gods for Star Trek Discovery and South Park! I slept through most of South Park for the first day and then when I had a lack of energy the other days, I binged Discovery. What a dynamic show that is!

So, because I was virtually off the computer for two days, I did not get a lot done. But we are moving forward with publishing Dark Reign. Still editing it to death, but it’s going to be far better once the edits are done. Then it’ll go back to beta readers and then to the editor and finally proof reader for final check.

I will keep you informed and I do apologise for not writing last week.

Next week may be a short post because I will be away for most of the week.

For the next book after Dark Reign, it will probably be The Dark Road. I’ve tweaked that one and will probably tweak it again once Dark Reign is out but that shouldn’t take a lot to fix.

And I may have completed my paranormal story. Just have to have a read of it as a whole to see if that’s the case.

So that’s us up to date!

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