Study highlights

Well, I may have found a hidden talent. Who knew I could write poetry?

Still, it’s not the same as writing a book from start to finish.

I am still going through Dark Reign, although the cover is getting closer as I edit. Once the editing is finished, it’ll go on to the next step which is beta readers. I am getting excited because this will be the first new book I’ve put out for a few years, and I’ve got a few strategies for getting more readers.

Because I had it pounded into me this week that before you get sales, you need readers, so the more readers you have, the more people get exposure to you.

So, my strategy will be focussed on readers to begin.

It’s quite exciting to look at it from that point and I can’t wait until I can get it up and running.

This weekend, however, I’m doing a bit of a refresh. Going away for a few days with only a laptop – no internet. I probably won’t work on Dark Reign but I may do a little of paranormal and other work.

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