Late again … but with news

Gosh! Time flies sooooooo quickly! We had a really hot weekend, so I’m going with the – brain melted!

But I do have news. Dark Reign is coming along – I’m actually editing it fairly heavily at the moment – and it has a cover.

All will be revealed when it’s finalised. Just working on the words part of the cover.

Also, my books are currently only available on Amazon Australia, but I hope that they will come down soon. Then I’ll be able to concentrate on getting Dark Dimensions back up.

Now, since I have written The Dark Road as well, I am going to concentrate on the Clans in Conflict series before I look at the Consequences series. They, too, will get a tweaking and for those interested, there maybe a compilation of short stories of Marek’s younger years. That is well in the future, however, but one of those stories plays heavily in some of his reactions in both Heart of Deception and Legacy of Risks, which means I have to ensure that it is reflected correctly in both books.

That’s all I have so far! Oh, I have one more lecture to go with my studies and I may continue with my poems, but I am learning (surprisingly) more from the screenwriting module of the studies. The lecturer has some interesting points that can easily be translated into novels and will improve what I give you all to read.

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